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Java Interview Program #8

Problem Statement: Given two String inputs and one integer input. input 1: “abc2012345” input 2: “abc2112660” input 3: 4 Here “abc**” refers to the customer id and seven numeric digits after abc is the Electricity Bill reading. 12345 refers to the last month’s Electricity Bill reading and 12660 refers to this month’s Electricity Bill reading. Find the difference… Read More »

Java Interview Program #7

Problem Statement: Given one String input and two integer inputs. input 1: xyzwabcd input 2: 2 input 3: 4 Fetch the sub-string starting from input 2 till input 3 and print it in the reverse order. output: bawz Solution: Result: bawz

All About Mettl Employability Test

What is Mettl Employability Test? Mettl Employability Test also known as Mettl Test or MET is India’s fastest growing employability assessment aimed to connect prospective employers and candidates, It is a scientifically-designed, remote-proctored assessment test which evaluates candidates using our proprietary algorithms on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job-specific domain-skills. Today Mettl Test or… Read More »

Java Interview Program #6

Problem Statement: Given two input Strings. input 1: “New York” input 2: “NWYR” Compare both the given strings, if the characters in input 1 are present in input 2 , then write the same character in output string else write ‘+’. output: N+w+Y+r+ Ignore the case difference. Solution: Result: N+w+Y+r+

Java 7 Feature: String in Switch Statement

String in Switch Statement: A switch works with the byte, short, char and int primitive data types. It also works with enumerated types. But from Java 7, we can also use String objects in the switch statements. Be careful while using strings inside switch because:- it can cause NullPointerException if a null object is passed. the comparison is case sensitive i.e. “Success” and “success” are not… Read More »

AMCAT Discount Coupon 2017- Get Flat Rs 100 Off On Booking AMCAT Test

What is the AMCAT Test? AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is an employability assessment test which evaluates candidates on the basis of their core skills which includes reasoning skills, quantitative aptitude, English and technical skills. The technical module is different for each candidate and depends on the course or the subject they opt for. There is no… Read More »

5 Ways To Iterate Over An ArrayList

Ways to iterate over an ArrayList: This tutorial will tell you all the ways using which you can iterate through an ArrayList in Java. Iterator For loop Advanced for loop While loop Collection stream of Java 8 Example: Result: ~~~~~~~~using Iterator~~~~~~~ element1 element2 element3 ~~~~~~~~using for loop~~~~~~~~ element1 element2 element3 ~~~~~~~~using advanced for loop~~~~~~~~ element1 element2 element3 ~~~~~~~~using… Read More »

Java Interview Program #5

Problem Statement: Given a input String. input 1: commitment c being the first index position. Remove the vowels which are at the even index of the string. output: cmmitmnt Solution: Result: cmmitmnt

How To Get The Facebook Page ID?

Facebook Page ID: Facebook is one of the top social networking sites. Facebook is a wide platform to showcase your business/websites. For this different plugins are available to link your Facebook Page to the website. You can also link your Facebook Page manually. And to do so Facebook Page Id is required. Read through the tutorial to know… Read More »

Java Interview Program #4

Problem Statement: Given an arrayList of String type having  the format:- name#mark1#mark2#mark3 input 1: {“arun#12#12#12″,”deepak#13#12#12”} Retrieve the name of the student who has scored maximum marks. output: deepak Total marks will be the sum of matk1, mark2 and mark3 i.e. Total marks=mark1+mark2+mark3 Solution: Result: